Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Set environment variable which is inherited inside eclipse workspace

Ubuntu : Set required environment variable inside /etc/environment and restart the machine. This will set environment variable which can be inherited inside eclipse workspace.  Above method will set the environment variable for all the users.  To set environment variable for individual user set the required variable inside <user home>/.profile file. While doing so please make sure you use "export" keyword before variable which is required if those variables are expected to be passed on to subprocess. You need to make use of "export" keyword while setting those variables from inside ".bashrc". 

Note: There is some issue to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH through /etc/environment refer for workaround.

MAC OSX (tested on maverick): Set required environment variable inside /etc/launchd.conf (setenv PROJECT_HOME <Project home location) and restart the machine. 

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