Thursday, March 27, 2014

Install Eclipse Maven plugin and import maven project

With new versions of Eclipse old m2e plugins have become absolute now you need to install eclipse plugins from eclipse market place. Follow below steps to install m2e plugins along with required GWT plugins. I have tried below steps with Eclipse (Kepler)

  • Install GWT eclipse plugin Help -> "Eclipse Marketplace". Search with string "GWT" install "Google Plugin for eclipse 4.3".
  • Install maven plugin open "Eclipse Marketplace" and search for "m2e-wtp" look for "Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP Juno (1.0.1)" and install it
  • Other maven integration plugins open "Eclipse marketplace" and search for "m2e" look for "APT M2E Connector" and "GWT M2E Connector" install both the plugins.

With above plugins installed before importing  your maven project. I tend to make sure I use same maven installation and configuration that I use for command line maven build. When you install m2e eclipse plugin for maven it comes with default maven installation. To change your maven installation to same as that of command line maven. Follow below steps.

  • Open Window - > Preferences "Preferences" window will be open.
  • Expand "Maven" label on left side panel.
  • Select "Installations" on right hand side panel you will see "embedded" maven installation selected.
  • Click on "Add" button directory window will be prompted.  Select home folder of your maven installation and click "Ok".
  • With addition of your installed maven installation. Make sure check mark is marked on your installed maven installation and then click on "OK" 
To import your maven project inside eclipse follow below steps.
Note: Before importing your eclipse projects make sure you make a complete build from command prompt.

  • Select "File - > Import" 
  • Expand "Maven" and select "Existing Maven Projects" and click on "Next".
  • Click on "Browse" button on next screen folder explorer will appear.
  • Select your project's parent folder which contains the pom.xml. 
  • Next follow next screens as next screens varies based on maven plugins used in your project. Sometimes it may take some time, but be patient and allow eclipse to complete it (in some cases where you are using maven plugin in your pom.xml m2e will try to locate respective eclipse plugin to achieve same task from eclipse. If it fails to find one it will try to locate in eclipse market place and if it is there user will be prompted to install the same). 

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