Sunday, April 13, 2014

bind MySql to multiple ipaddress

If you are looking to bind MySql Service with multiple ip address on given machine. Then you cannot do it selectively. When I say selectively, if there are 5 network cards (IP Addresses) to given machine and you want to allow connections to be made only from 3 network cards (IP Addresses). Then you cannot configure MySql service to bind selective IP addresses. What you can do is either you can bind it with single ip address or all the IP addresses available on the machine. So here if you want to selectively allow connections you have to make use of firewall to restrict the connections. For more details refer 

To bind MySql service to all ip addresses change "bind-address" value to "" and comment "#skip-networking". If you don't find it then don't worry don't have to do any thing, just set "bind-address" property to "".

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